Gilthead rosé – Sparus caereleosticus; Aquaculture Greece

Our gilthead rosé belongs to the family of the seabream, which is very popular for taste of the meat.

The fresh taste of the gilthead is as various as the appearance. Since the antiquity, the gilthead freshly made, is considered to be a delicate speciality. It is the typical fish of the Mediterranean Sea, but is also found in the Atlantic Ocean. The fish, which we tend to serve fried or grilled over here, stems mostly from aquacultures. Thats how stocks are saved efficient and economic, similar to the salmon hatchery. The fresh gilthead, with its tender taste and recognizable condiment, became a significant economic component of the fish farming. Aquacultures tend to breed the species of fish, that enjoy great popularity in vacation areas around the coast.


(FAO - Food & Agricultural Organisation)