Cod – Gadus morhua; wild caught North-East-Atlantic FAO 27 Norwegian Sea

The cod is the best known fish. It´s most common in the North-East-Atlantic. There are two species of cod which are mostly traded, the winter cod (skrei – season from january to april) and the coastal cod, which is available the whole year. The cod is endemic to the coast of Norway.

It is smaller and lighter than the winter codfish. The skrei, which is an migratory fish, lives the most time of it’s life in the Barents Sea. Therefrom he swims more than 1000 Kilometre to the Lofoten to spawn there. Because of the high decrease of skrei fishing, there were declined catch quotas, to ensure the stock. The skrei is part of the most sustainable stock of cod of the world.

(FAO - Food & Agricultural Organisation)